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Web Development + -

With over 10 years of industry experience, we can take care of every web development needs from building CMS sites, Web Apps to even custom admin panels. Any type of custom development is what we excel at.

Mobile Applications + -

Whether you're looking to build your dream social media platform or just a brochure type of an app for your restaurant or small business, we have the experience and expertise ready at your disposal. In this era digital connectivity, a dedicated mobile application has evolved from a luxury to a necessity for businesses. (The Power of Branded Apps: Why Businesses Should Invest in Their Own Applications)

AI, Automation & Custom Programming + -

When it comes to programming, we can accomplish lot more than just building public facing websites. Many small to midsize businesses have their own specific processes that are in need of automation as well as building custom platforms to mitigate time consuming and unplanned work. If you have a routine task that you or your assistant perform on daily basis, why not see if it can be automated? (Leveraging A.I. and Automation: A Cost-Saving Imperative for Businesses)

Bleeding Edge Tech + -

In todays world, if you aren't utilizing the latest and greatest innovations, you are falling behind. Analog players in this digital world are sure to fail soon. We can help you with introducing the latest solutions to your everyday problems. Confluence vs Asana vs BaseCamp vs Trelo, Jira vs osTickets, Slack vs Discord, PHPList vs Mailchimp... just to mention a few off the top that could shift your business into the next gear.

SEO/Page Speed + -

If you don't understand the importance of SEO and PageSpeed, you definitely need our help. Fine tuning your website and having your website appear on the first page of any search engine will make or break your business. We follow and implement industry standard practices to help introduce your business to the world and your potential clients.

Social Media Marketing + -

Content is KING! As we all know, if you don't have or not even planning to have your presence on the major social media platforms, you are literally saying goodbye to all the potential clients that are waiting to consume your content. We also know, you would need at least a part-time position to prepare and post to all of these platforms. Platform specific images and contents. Links and hashtags. Landing pages for your holiday campaigns all needs to be planned and published.

Email Marketing + -

Building your newsletter list is important. What's more important is actually sending our worthwhile newsletters, promos and invites. There are many platforms we could utilize depending on your needs and budget. Whether you'd like to have your own custom newsletter setup with phpList or going with Mailchimp. We can make it all work for your needs.

Video Editing/Production + -

Whether you need 30 second video ad created for next week's promotion on your YouTube or Facebook Ad campaigns, even 10 second long vertical Instagram/Facebook story, we got you covered. Even if you need to edit your vlogging videos, we can do that too. Let us know what you need to get done and we can prepare your content.

Content Preparation + -

From video editing to photoshopping 5-6 different size versions of your blog post header that can work seamlessly with your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok posts as well as your newsletter  heading takes a significant amount of your time. And that doesn't even count the landing page development to tracking will require a whole team to accomplish. This is what we can do for your business. Think how much YOU can accomplish with all the time to do what you are best at which is RUNNING your business, not just spending half of your time preparing to run it. That's what we can help with on daily basis.

every week, you can mix and match per your needs

Week 1

Web Development
video production

Week 2

Custom Programming
email landing page build
email marketing

Week 3

site speed optimization
VOIP, wav voicemail to mp3

Week 4

Social Media Marketing
Building Splash Page
Blog Post Media Prep.



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