$10k Technical Co-Founder

Looking for a Technical Co-Founder?

Let us help build your scalable MVP (Minimal Viable Product) in 4 weeks with a dedicated technical co-founder at your disposal!

What can you expect to get done in 4 weeks with an experienced single-serving technical co-founder:

  • Brochure Marketing or eCommerce Website
  • Functional prototype for iOS, Android or Web app
  • Email Marketing (Welcome, Newsletter, Drip, Abandoned Cart, Re-Engagement etc)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO (Google Analytics, Sitemaps, etc)
  • Automation audit
  • Affordable AWS hosting setup (load balancers, CDN, CI, etc)
  • CRMs, Support Ticket System, Project Management Tools, Knowledge Base, Wiki Pages, Self-help FAQs
  • Fully managed or self-hosted VOIP systems (IVR, Ringgroups)
  • and everything else IT

Get all your technical needs satisfied and start your business in a month! Leave all the technical aspect of your project to your single-serving technical co-founder and work on the parts that you are passionate about.

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